Nortus Group is in the board of members of the Norwegian Turkish Business Association.

Partner and managing director at Nortus Group, Behram Zakariyya was chosen to the board of members of the newly established Norwegian Turkish Business Association - Notid.

The association is non-profitable and aims

to increase and encourage economic and cultural relations between Norway, Turkey, EU and EFTA countries. Some of the main objectives of the association are:

  • Creating economic and cultural understanding between Turkey and Norway.
  • Informing its members about existing possibilities in their respective countries.
  • The Association informs its members about the rights they have by investing in Turkey, Norway and Europe, protecting their benefits.

Mr. Behram Zakariyya worked in various positions in Oslo, Istanbul and Moscow. His previous position was at the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprice where he had, among other the responsibility over two programs with Russia initiated by the Ministry of Foregn Affairs (Norway).

Through living with - and integrating into - four diverse national cultures, being exposed to multiple business practices, Mr Zakariyya aquired an extencive expertise in positioning, public affairs and strategic communications.